January is here – and we are now well and truly in 2020!

As one year ends and another starts, now is the perfect time to reflect on some of the stylish bathroom renovations our team produced across Sydney in 2019.

To see some of our top bathrooms from over the past year, have a look below.

CorrimalCorrimal bathroom renovation

At Artworx, we take pride in our work and strive to deliver a bathroom that our customers love. And that is certainly the case in this beautiful bathroom we completed in Corrimal!

Having a modern artistic style, this bathroom is tastefully designed using a divine mixture of colour and texture.

Spanish-influenced tiles decorate the wall and nook of the shower, effortlessly flowing onto the floor. Complementing the blue tones, white wall tiles surround the rest of the bathroom, easily working with the timber vanity and mirror.

To top it off, dark matte accessories join the polished white appliances. This creates a bathroom that reflects one you would expect to see in an exotic villa located in a coastal town in Spain.

CampbelltownCampbelltown bathroom renovation

When it comes to bathroom renovations, most people choose either a light or dark design. But have you considered doing both?

That’s exactly what we did at this bathroom in Campbelltown! The perfect example of light meets dark, this renovation has the best of both worlds.

Using a combination of white and dark wall tiles, this bathroom maintains a balance unlike any other. With dark fixtures used throughout, a chocolate brown timber vanity, finished with a white marble counter that provides just the right amount of light.

Further upholding the amount of light in the design, white appliances stop the area from appearing too small. Perfect for partners who have different preferences, this bathroom makes the ideal compromise for the opposite tones.

TahmoorTahmoor bathroom renovation

A bathroom worth mentioning, this en-suite we produced in Tahmoor was one made of utter precision. Just like all of our projects, we carefully designed this bathroom, tailoring to the limited space it offered.

We strategically designed it to allow an ample amount of space. Placing all the appliances to one side, this room maintains as much space as possible. With identical tiles covering both the floor and walls, an optical illusion allows this room to seem bigger than it actually is.

White appliances, combined with silver accessories, provide the room with the minimal light it needs to uphold its dark yet polished style.

To finish off the luxurious design, underfloor heating is installed, keeping you warm and toasty on those chilly winter mornings.

Woodbine Woodbine bathroom renovation

If you’re a fan of clean-cut, then you will be sure to love this bathroom we built in Woodbine!

Using a sleek combination of subtle tones, this bathroom oozes light and space, giving the room a bigger appearance.

Built upon a strong white base, grey features are heavily used throughout the room. From the same grey tiles used on both the feature wall and the floor, to the grey marble countertop applied on the vanity, this colour creates a stylish theme that is prominent in this bathroom.

A design that will make your bathroom even more spacious than it is, this colour palette is perfect for those who prefer simplicity in their home.

Harrington ParkHarrington Park bathroom renovation

One for the books, this bathroom we produced towards the end of 2019 was one we would love to share!

Featuring a deluxe combination of dark grey tiles paired with white features, this design is one you’ll want to use as an influence for your new bathroom.

The gorgeous modern free-standing white bath is a large focal point that sits against the wall, accompanied by a bathroom niche conveniently located right behind it. White appliances are used once more around the room, providing a contrast to the dark-coloured countertop, floor and feature wall.

Along the sidewall, a floating counter sits, causing the floor of the room to appear wider. Above-counter basins sit on top of the vanity, further giving the room a sense of sophistication and style.

For a bathroom that is as classy as it is modern, this is one you would want in your home.

Our team is extremely proud of all that bathrooms we produced the last year, with many of them featured on our Facebook page.

If you found a style you liked, give us a call on 02 4646 1559 to see how we can use it to influence a brand-new bathroom for your home.