When it comes to kitchen and bathroom renovations, there are a few associated thoughts that come to mind. Whether it is about the functionality or cost, a lot of this can be untrue and even daunting to the customer.

Matter of fact is, when you hire Artworx, we make renovation an easy process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result. Whether you are after a new kitchen or are considering bathroom renovations, keep reading and we will discuss some concerns you might have and ease your uncertainty.

Common concerns with bathroom and kitchen renovations

They are too expensive.

There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to home improvements as grand as a bathroom or kitchen renovation. So of course, many people may be frightened when considering the overall cost.

However, with Artworx, we strive to provide you with an affordable and efficient renovation you will love! To ensure this, we offer an obligation-free quote and consultation that discusses a plan to suit your budget.

We also don’t require a deposit, meaning you won’t have to pay until the work is 100% finished and you are completely satisfied. To further highlight the affordability of our service, we offer competitive prices to guarantee you save as much as possible.

Artworx Bathrooms review

Can my property be renovated?

With our services offered throughout several regions, we know our clients have varying living situations. From older homes to apartment blocks, you’d be pleased to know that we offer our services to many different properties.

For example, if you live in a heritage home, there is no need to worry! Our team can renovate your kitchen or bathroom attentively. We even offer our services in retirement village homes and rental properties.

Maybe you’re not too sure if we can reach you. You’ll be glad to know that even though we are based in Smeaton Grange, we offer our services through Wollongong, the Southern Highlands and Sydney. From as north as Castle Hill to as south as Gerringong, we cater to many areas throughout.

And just to completely rest your mind, we understand that with age, many property layouts change. This could be a worry for some, but when you hire Artworx, there is no kitchen design that is too small or complex for us. Whatever your layout is, we can find a solution that you will love.

When is the right time to renovate?

When considering a bathroom or kitchen renovation, many people are unsure whether it is the right time. For bathrooms and kitchens, we advise that they should be remodelled around every twenty or so years. This ensures your appliances are all up-to-date and every safety standard is followed. If your bathroom or kitchen is hitting or past the twenty-year mark, it may be time for a renovation!

Another good thing to keep in mind is when you sell your property. If you plan on moving in the near future, it is advised you update your home with a new bathroom or kitchen. Not only will this increase the value of your property, but it will also make your home more attractive to buyers.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are inconvenient.

An off-putting thought to many people is that a bathroom or kitchen renovation is inconvenient and may be a burden to them. However, this is a misleading concern! When we work on a bathroom or kitchen, we keep our clients in mind and strive to maintain a hassle-free renovation.

Artworx Bathrooms review

For example, you may think having kids around a renovation is too dangerous and that there are too many hazards that come along with it. When you hire Artworx, this is not the case! Feel safe to know that we take pride and consideration in our work with certain practices to ensure safety is guaranteed. This includes installing specific features to keep your little ones away from the area under construction.

In addition, we will rarely ever leave any dangerous tools or equipment around overnight when we are not on site.

You will also be happy to know that when we are renovating, your bathroom or kitchen is not completely useless. At certain stages, it is expected that some areas might not be available for use. However, we will not block off other items unless necessary during the renovation.

Following this, it is also important to note that we understand you might be under time constraint. Don’t stress! If you need a bathroom renovation done in a short time, we can complete the work in as little as two weeks. We are also flexible and can work on weekends and start as early as 7 am, ensuring a stress-free process when it comes to availability.

Artworx Bathrooms review

I have too many rooms to be done.

An issue that might come to mind is that several of your bathrooms and your kitchen all need an update. This may be a concern to people as they think it is too big of a job to be done and that it will take a long time to complete.

No need to worry. When you hire Artworx, we will be able to do all your bathrooms AND your kitchen at the same time. We understand that when your home is older or if you are preparing to sell, there is generally more than one bathroom or kitchen that will need updating. That is why we can cover all bathrooms plus your kitchen in the same period!

Do you have a larger building with a number of bathrooms? This is also perfectly fine! We can serve those who need several bathrooms done in an apartment block, offering a bulk price. The same goes for shopping centre and strata building bathrooms.

Feeling confident and ready to get that new bathroom or kitchen? At Artworx, we strive to deliver our customers with home improvements they will love! Whether you need a kitchen done in Liverpool or bathroom renovations in Wollongong, Artworx can help you create your dream space. Give us a call on 02 4646 1559 for an obligation-free quote today!