A focal point in most family homes is the kitchen. Whether you are cooking the traditional Sunday roast or doing some holiday baking with the kids, we tend to spend a large amount of time in the kitchen. As this is an important area, many households strive to have an open floor plan that includes all living spaces, the kitchen included, in a cohesive and flowing design.

Is your kitchen feeling a bit cramped? Or maybe you are after a kitchen that embraces space and light? At Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens, our specialists have the perfect solution for you – a kitchen extension!

Keep reading to see how an extension can help you achieve the kitchen your family needs.

Knockdowns and making space

First thing’s first, you need to plan! When you hire Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens, we offer our customers a free consultation to hear what you want to do with your kitchen extension. Unlike some other kitchen companies in Sydney and Wollongong, we will collaborate our expertise in the consultation to help you plan your ideal kitchen.

Kitchen renovation

A great idea when you first outline an open kitchen is to have a look at your floor plan and consider what elements you WON’T use. If possible, whether it be a room behind or a wall in front, we can demolish these and help you achieve the large space you desire.

Furthermore, if you have a decent amount of vacant land in the backyard, you can use this for extra space. Extending your home can not only help you obtain a larger kitchen, but it can also provide you with a larger living area all together. This will transform your home from small, distant living to the inclusive open living plan you dream of.

Make use of existing space

A handy tip is to investigate the already existing space within your kitchen. From the height of the current cabinets to the areas surrounding the kitchen, we can take advantage of your space and extend your kitchen with multiple techniques.

Firstly, a more affordable tactic is to extend the length of cabinets in your kitchen. With Artworx, we can help deliver you a new kitchen set up you’ll love that will make use of the free space. This includes new cabinetry that runs the whole wall length up to the ceiling, obtaining more storage space than ever before. Not only will you be using space that already exists, but this will make your kitchen seem longer in height.

Does your kitchen back onto an outdoor living area? A great way to use space and further extend your kitchen is to install large doors and windows. A crowd favourite is the use of bi-fold doors or windows. Not only does this give the illusion of a large space but it can also help generate more ventilation. It also allows you the choice of closing it off to be a separate area or opening the doors to transform your kitchen and outdoor area into one large space.

Kitchen renovation

New fixtures

For something a little low-key, you can still extend your kitchen by simply adding some new features. From colours to new nooks, there are many ways you can extend your existing kitchen.

Using our kitchen and design knowledge, we can deliver you a fresh kitchen design that enables you to use the space you need without demolishing any walls.

Firstly, a simple and easy way to update your kitchen is to add light colours. From painting the walls to adding new white cabinets, the element of colour can help create space without really doing too much. It will add light and make the room seem larger by limiting harsh colours that can cause the room to seem small and cramped.

Another method is to use features that make the most of the space available. For example, if you don’t have the room for a walk-in pantry, you can add sliding draws and shelves into your cabinet that will allow you to extend your pantry when it is extremely narrow. This won’t only help you take advantage of the space but will also extend the amount of room you have.

Kitchen storage cabinets

Furthermore, if you have space available at the end of the room, you can take out any benches that cut into the middle of the area and instead, extend their length running against the wall. Not only will this give you a large area, but it will also allow the entire space to feel more open.

Interested in implementing some of the strategies above to extend your kitchen? At Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens, we have all the solutions you need! From kitchens in Wollongong to Sydney, you can give us a call on 02 4646 1559 to discuss the potential of your kitchen!