In most family homes, the kitchen is the main hub where you tend to spend most of your time. From festive baking to the daily cooking while the kids are doing their homework, this area gets a whole lot of use. Due to frequent usage, it is always a smart investment to update your kitchen!

Not too sure if your kitchen is due for a renovation? You might be in for a shock! There could be a few red flags you may have missed. Below, we identify what signs you should look out for when you are due for a kitchen renovation.

Signs that you need to renovate your kitchen infographic

Your appliances have aged

Is your kitchen feeling a little stale? This may be because your appliances aren’t as new as they once were. From small to larger appliances, you may notice they are lacking the modern features your neighbour’s updated kitchen has. Or maybe they just aren’t performing as well as they did when you first bought the house.

Appliances are the heart of the kitchen. From how your food is cooked to the time it takes to bake, these have a big impact on your overall cooking. From kitchens in Campbelltown to kitchens in Bulli, we have installed the latest appliances and have also removed some of the oldest ones going around, so we know when it is their time to go.

One of the main tell-tale signs is that your appliances are the original installs. For some, their appliances may be as old as they are! This means they may not be doing their job as well as they did back in the day. If this is the case, a kitchen renovation may be exactly what you need!

A good thing to look out for is any malfunctioning appliances. Whether the oven timer has stopped working or the heat light is constantly breaking, this is a major sign that it is time to organise a new oven. And not to mention that older products can take up more electricity, driving your bills higher.

Usually, bigger kitchen appliances such as fridges and dishwashers should last around 15 years – and if you’re lucky, in some cases, even longer. But once it has hit a certain age and you notice the fridge is starting to lose its frequent chill or your dishwasher isn’t as precise as it once was, it may be time to get that renovation on track.

kitchen renovation

Everything is falling apart

A massive sign that your kitchen is due for a renovation is when you notice everything falling apart. When it gets to a certain age, features in your space are no longer as strong as they once were and over time, general wear and tear has occurred.

If you notice tiles from your splashback have started to peel off the wall and have found yourself with a collection of fallen debris, then this is certainly a sign. This is also the same for any floor tiles that have gathered cracks through the years.

How is your cabinetry going? Once it starts hitting a certain age, it is common for hinges to start losing their strength and doors will start to become unhinged. Have the handles started to drop off one by one? Regardless, both are signs that point to a need for a renovation in your kitchen.

You may have also noticed your cabinetry has become mouldy or water-damaged over the years, gifting your kitchen with a disturbing stench that you can’t seem to get rid of. This, matched with the tap that just won’t stop leaking, is sure to drive you insane! If this sounds familiar, give us a call to start organising your fresh new kitchen!

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The kitchen design is dated

Are things starting to feel a little cramped? Or maybe you aren’t as into the European marble design as you once were. If you have noticed either of the above, this is a sure sign your kitchen design is dated and may need a new look!

Poor designing may have resulted in your original kitchen layout leaving limited space in both walkways and storage. You may find that only one person at a time can be in your kitchen without it being hard to move around! This may cause your kitchen to seem less functional compared to your in-law’s house with their massive open space design.

To add onto to the lack of functionality, your cramped kitchen may be lacking the storage and space you need. There is a good chance your family has grown since you first moved in, meaning more food and more items are taking up the vital cupboard space you need. If you are constantly experiencing an overflow in your draws, you may need a bigger solution.

Take a proper look at your kitchen. Is the overall design one you are happy with? Does it give your household the warm homey vibes you desire? Or does it feel cold and stale? If your kitchen is looking old and full of wood, maybe a modern makeover is exactly what you need to give your home the appeal you strive for.

And not to mention, the overall layout and structure of your benches may be in urgent need of an update. If you have benches that are taking up more room than it needs, renovating your kitchen structure may be the answer to your problems!

With Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens, we won’t just give you a kitchen design you’ll visually love, but we can build you an overall kitchen that offers you the space and functionality you need!

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Have you picked up some of the above red flags in your kitchen? Then it may be time to give us a call! With years of experience in kitchens renovations across Sydney and Wollongong, Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens can help you achieve the kitchen you need!

Not only will this add to your house’s value, but you will also be proud to show off your kitchen when you invite guests over for special events and dinners! With our team of expert designers and project managers, we can deliver you a hassle-free kitchen renovation that you will love.