At Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens, we know that not every kitchen is the same. From your family’s needs to the preferences of the chef, each kitchen is built to reflect the unique criteria of each home.

When it comes to the material used for benchtops, this is no different! With our collection of benchtops, we can help you find the ideal material for your brand-new kitchen.

Curious to see which benchtop is best for you? Keep reading below to see what would suit your kitchen.

Searching for practicality

As the heart of the home, a kitchen generally gets a lot of love from the entire family. From the kids baking on the weekend to cooking your daily meals, your kitchen gets a lot of use.

So of course, if you have young kids that are constantly making a muck, you’ll want to get a kitchen that is more practical than anything.

If practicality is what you are looking for, then we suggest looking into a laminated benchtop. Available in many different colours, laminated benchtops are perfect for those who constantly have kids that utilise the kitchen.

From dragging heavy items to simply cutting and pasting craft, a laminated bench can look good WHILE combating against the rough activities of your family.

Practical kitchen benchtop

Looking for style

Are you looking to deliver a brand-new kitchen that oozes style and class? Whether you simply want a kitchen that matches your taste or are just looking to drive the appeal of your home, a stylish kitchen can do wonders.

Being the ultimate choice for those who are after a stylish kitchen, stone benchtops are fantastic.

Stone is a quality material that will be perfect for hot items. It is also extremely easy to clean, leaving your kitchen looking spotless after every use. Not only is it naturally appealing, but it has long life as well. And if taken care of properly, it can last forever.

Furthermore, stone benchtops are aesthetically pleasing and are resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring you a benchtop that will always look good.

Stylish kitchen benchtop

Chasing budget-friendly

Looking for the best alternative for your budget? Our team at Artworx understands that kitchens are a decent investment and that our customers like to get the most out of their money.

If you are looking for an option that is budget-friendly, we suggest you invest in a laminated benchtop for your kitchen.

From investment properties to first-time homeowners, choosing a laminated benchtop for your kitchen renovation in Sydney would be your best pick.

Not only is it offered in a large range of colours and patterns, but picking laminated materials allows you to get a luxurious looking benchtop at a more affordable price.

Budget-friendly kitchen benchtop

Found the right benchtop for you? For stylish and affordable designs, the team at Artworx Bathrooms & Kitchens can help you obtain the kitchen you have in mind. From kitchens in Campbelltown to bathrooms in Wollondilly, we can cater to both Wollongong and Sydney homes.

For more information on how we can get your renovation on track, give us a call on 02 4646 1559.